Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 03

Ok, so we're back to the 30 day challenge i gave myself, with no help from AT&T. we resume with Day 3

Day 03 - A picture of the cast from your favorite show.

This was tough. I don't watch a ton of TV, but i do have my weaknesses. Mostly they run on cable, because, well, a show just isn't a show without gratuitous cursing and sex. (actually, i just haven't found a network show REALLY worth watching in a long time, so i've kinda given up. And i curse a lot, so cable shows fall within my paradigm)

I had to put two pictures here, because both of these shows fall into the "must make time to see them" category. (thank god for DVRs)

I was always a fan of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, and i really like how HBO interprets them. That and i love me some Lafayette. If i had a gay drug dealing friend, he would be it.
And yeah, I get it that the whole vampire thing is REALLY getting old. But i don't do the whole twilight thing, since i'm not a teenager, or any other teen/angst/the world is against me so imma fall in love with someone who is not alive/wow that top is cute kind of books/movies, so I don't really feed the vampire thing except for True Blood. And while Alexander SkarsgÄrd is nice to look at, i have to say i think I'm more a werewolf girl (have you seen my husband?) Team Jacob, nothing. Team Alcide, baby!

And well, I love me some polygamy. Not that i want to be a polygamist, but something about that world fascinates the holy hell out of me. I also like reading stories about harem life and middle eastern marriages. All i can figure is that i must have been a sister-wife in a past life. That and this show can be so RIDICULOUS, that it's like watching a daytime soap--but without the "smell the fart" moments. Unless you're watching Bill Paxton. That seems to be his major method of acting. I should point out here that i am not a Mormon, or even a Christian for that matter, and no, i do not want to discuss my life in the hereafter, or the plans heavenly father has for me. I tend to listen to the great mother instead--but i do love watching this portayal of a marital trainwreck. Now if you'll excuse me, season premiere was last night, so i need to go catch up.