Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 06

Day 06 - A picture of somewhere you've been.

I've been lucky enough to get my passport stamped a few times before the squirt was delivered. Both the Old Man and i decided we wanted to travel, and discovered we do so together fairly well. I am in charge of all paperwork, and he is in charge of making sure i have enough alcohol. Other than that, we just kinda wing it.

This picture was taken in Australia, on Heron Island, also known as Turtle Island on the Great Barrier Reef. During the season, you can see the baby sea turtles swim off to their existence. We however were not there during the season, but rather during their winter--so no turtles, but plenty of booze. This was Australia. (wow, can those people drink!) That Orange speck there is me. When we got there we took a walk around the island and was amazed that we were so far away from the mainland that there was nothing to see but sand & sky. We also had a fabulous dive here, seeing a myriad of sea life and getting stuck in a school of yellow tailed fusiliers. Ahh, the days when were young and in shape enough to scuba dive and drink the night away--and STILL look like tosspots in the eyes of Aussies.

One of the things that kicked me in the ass when Ben was diagnosed was the thought that he may not like to travel. I mean, one of the characteristics is the need for familiarity and routine, right? There are lots of places i want to show him, places to explore nature or history or culture. And I'll admit to a selfish worry that he will never like travel enough to take a big trip like that. And the thought of taking a trip without him (a big one, mind--not a weekend bender in Vegas) seems pointless and empty.

Useless thinking really. I mean, he's ONLY 4. And last year he had a fabulous flight to Hawaii. And lord knows, i think he may be developing a new love for the TSA--ever since Xmas, he keeps asking me if we're going to the Xray today. I know we ain't hittin Germany any time soon, but i hope that one day this obsession with trains will lead to a rail trip across Europe. Ein Bier, bitte!

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