Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 08

Day 08 - A picture that makes you laugh.

so this one allowed me a few chuckles this morning. i LOVE the whole awkward family photo genre--and have been known to collapse from laughing so much at these wonders of nature. If you doubt me, check out this website, and get your giggle on.

I couldn't find my absolute favorite--one i had seen years ago but that stuck with me like a bad nightmare after a night of jager shots. But this one is pretty close. Enjoy.

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Patricia said...

Due to technical difficulties (!@#$!@#$ NOOK !@#$@!$#@!), I'm just now getting around to posting my comment.

First of all, I loved that website. Such good laughs!!!

Second, I gotta vent out my feelings about posed family portraits. I get suspicious of a family that takes those portraits. I mean, do they think that we think they are that coordinated, happy, and harmonious? Here's why I think that: doesn't it seem like every time there's a murder-suicide, a whack job that goes on a shooting spree, or a divorce-from-hell story in the news, the picture that always gets shown is the posed family picture where everyone is wearing the same color shirts and blue jeans? If the family was that great, why did something so horrible happen? I have yet to take a family portrait because they make me uneasy. This is one more reason why I stopped watching the news.

Third...I need to take a chill pill. I'm all worked up. Where's my NOOK?

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