Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 12

Day 12 - A picture of something you love.

Well, this is where, I suppose I write about my first baby, Mantequilla. No, it's not a love affair with butter--which I do have--but a love affair with the little butterball that crawled under my leg and into our lives 7 years ago.

(here's your cue to say "AWWWWWWWWWW")

This is our little Manny. Pure bred chihuahua, currently over 7 lbs. Neutered. Fussy. Pampered, if you will. He has a strenuous schedule of napping, barking at nothing (or possible Al Quaida activity in our neighborhood--we're not sure), napping, begging for food, and puddle-making--inside and out. I picked him out from a breeder out in the middle of NOWHERE (She also bred King Charles Springer spaniels, so I suppose you need a house without neighbors if you're gonna breed yappy dogs) He was one of two males she had--the other with a BEAUTIFUL brindle coat and absolutely no personality, and this little man, who crawled right under my leg as if it was the best place in the world. Yup--he chose me, and has been my shadow ever since.

Now, for 3 years he was the pampered prince of this house, and when we took vacations, I yearned for him so. He was my little furball. And then, the birth of Benjamin.


Unfortunately for him, Manny became #4 in the house after Ben was born, and he had a bit of a tough time adjusting to his new position. But as the baby craziness settles down, so did he. And once Ben was eating solid food, well, he found his gravy train. (and added a little more junk to his trunk). They occasionally play together, Manny & Ben, but mostly Manny is hiding away, tucked into his blankets, keeping up with that rigorous sleeping schedule to which he adheres himself. He's getting up there in dog years. He's a little greyer around the snout, has a little trouble jumping from time to time, and makes a lot of snore-y, gruffeldy noises when he sleeps. But we love our old man--all of us do.

So here's to you, puddle-master. You keep warning us about possible Al Quaida attacks, and we'll keep giving Ben food he can drop on the ground.

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Give Manny a little scratch for me! :D

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