Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I've got nothing today. No, take that back. I've got a fever, a hacking cough that has yet to reach the inner depths of my lungs (and it will), a feverish boy still abed (Thank G-d) and a sick husband moaning in the other room. So, you'll forgive me if i have nothing witty & brilliant for you today. But my muse happens to be high on cough medicine and everything she is telling me sounds like a flashback from a Skankin Pickle concert.

Feel free to make any comment about this current plague battling the whole of southern CA, and if facebook is correct, the country. Not that i will read any of it. I plan to spend the day in bed, trying to get well. That's my plan, anyway. We all know (don't we ladies) that that is NOT what will happen today, and that before the day is over i will have done a load of laundry, made copious peanut butter sammiches, changed a few pull-ups, wiped down the counter repeatedly and administered medicine to all members of this house--except the dog. Unless there's some medicine that will cure him of peeing just inside the dog door in the middle of the night. Other than a rubber band.

For those of you who are well, enjoy it. It may not be long before this plague takes you down. For those of you that have it, have a codeine shot for me.