Monday, March 7, 2011

Button It!

Ben has this new thing: he likes to wear button down shirts. And not just casually. He wants all the buttons buttoned. Even his cool hawaiiian shirts. All the way to the top. No amount of ignoring or cajoling will stop the "top button, top button" mantra until you reach over and button that damn thing. I am beginning to see a need for rules and regulations in this little guy's life. He cannot stand it if I'm wearing a shirt that isn't buttoned all the way ( Just like his father, but for different reasons), or a jacket that isn't all the way zipped. He has the same obsession with doors and cabinets being closed, songs being finished and certain routes at the zoo to be followed.

So, ever a slave to fashion (HAH!) this shirt thing could go a couple of different ways…

Now any of these boys would be welcome in my house--well, except for that damn jonas kid. I was actually pleased to find that the buttoned up look was more hip than i imagined--which was pretty much this


So luckily right now Ben's just a little nerdy-chic. If that turns into a love of rock-n-roll, I'm ok with that. A love of tatoos? I'm ok with that too--but I ain't payin for 'em. A love of quantum physics and the need to protect his pocket? well, if it pays the bills...