Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Well, its official. I can now claim the title "writer" as an actual profession!

Today, when i picked up the mail, I got my first check for words scribbled on paper. An actual check. Someone thought it was a good idea to give me money to write nonsense.


As some of you may not know, because you haven't been paying attention to the umpteen FB notices I've made, I recently published a piece with Chicken Soup for the Soul. No--not the "my cat's life" issue--which is a goddamn shame--but for the "new moms" edition. Someone, somewhere, 9 months pregnant and wishing that her ankles would just fucking STOP SWELLING, will open this book as the ubiquitous shower gift, thumb through it once or twice and put it in her next yard sale. *sigh* kinda dreamy, huh?

And don't think i'm done with them! I'm working on another awesome piece of blather that is sure to make every mother over the age of 46 cry like a baby. Or maybe just John Boehner.

Professional! woot! Just try and stop me! (well, at least wait until i deposit the check...)

btw, the company gave me a bunch of copies to sell, in case you know someone who needs a coaster or paperweight...