Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Give Aways

So apparently when you get popular enough, you're supposed to give stuff away on your blog. Now for some blogs I totally get this--cooking sewing, whatevs, there's products for which you can hold contests and drawings or random acts of favoritism. I get that. But for some blogs, like my own, I am stymied as to what kind of thing I could "give away". Lucky for me, I am not as popular as some…

So that got me thinking: What COULD I give away that would be Autie related and yet still represent the level of snark present in this household ?

a daily planner
since you have to have a routine and KEEP TO IT FOR GODSAKES, else all hell breaks loose

A coupon organizer
since you're spending all your money on therapies, special equipment, supplements and dietary issues, and now the price of gas, that you need that .50 coupon for Charmin or Jack Daniels…

Ear Plugs
either for your little angel, or better yet, you. Benji's gotten into this repetition kick lately that is slowly driving me batty--like scoping out a spot in the book conservatory batty--that could be remedied by a good pair of earplugs and ...

A New Shot Glass
its always good to have good barware that you can rely on. I mean, the other one(s) might be dirty, or in the dishwasher. You wouldn't want to drink your booze from a Spongebob cup, would you?

A prescription for Valium
ok, that one's mine. back off!

A crap-load of toys that were never played with
it turns out timers and clocks are FAR more fascinating

In the end I suppose it wouldn't be so ridiculous to have some sort of give-away on my blog. Perhaps one day I'll have enough followers that I will have to bribe entice them with goodies to read whatever drivel alcoholic ramblings brilliance I decided to put down for that day, but until then, I wouldn't hold your breath...

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