Friday, April 8, 2011

Goodnight Autism

and ode to my so's favorite book, which we read at least three time a week--more if i didn't insist on something different...

In the Great Green Room
there was an abacus
and Thomas, blue and Percy, green
and a picture of...

the most perfect build of a marble machine

And there were twelve lined up trains between yogurt stains

and a big red trolley
carrying a stuffed Wall-e

and a sit and spin
that will mix him like gin

A PB&J cut in fourths twice a day

And a tired drunk blogger who is typing away.

Goodnight Room

goodnight cars that go zoom!

Goodnight trains and yogurt stains.

Goodnight Thomas, Goodnight Percy,

Finally some silence, Lord have mercy.

Goodnight trolley
Goodnight Wall-e

Goodnight sit and spin
Hello liter of Gin

goodnight PB&J
goodnight crying to get your way

And goodnight to the drunk blogger,
blathering away.

Goodnight screaming,
Hello drugs,

And goodnight to the boy who gives the best kisses and hugs.