Monday, April 18, 2011

Open and Shut

So, one of the little "quirks" that can be associated with Autism, OCD and/or SPD is the need for order. A place for everything and everthing in its place.  OR ELSE.

 In Ben's case, it is the need for all doors to be closed.  This includes all gates, doors, windows, flaps and porthole, hatch and any other door-like aperture.

Now, this can come in handy when you're dealing with muffin-headed mommy and her absent-minded distractions (aka, leaving cabinet doors open after she sees something shiny--or remembers the 547 things she has to do that day)  I can always trust that my little man, when he's making his "kitchen rounds" will close those doors for me.  Or notify me if one is open that is out of his reach.  Its his attempt to control his environment, and it makes things a tad tidier in the process (or at least hides it behind a closed door)

There's no chance the front door would be left open on accident, but it's also difficult to leave it open on purpose--perchance on a lovely spring day when the birds are chirping and the bees are buzzing and the beautiful southern CA sun is shining.  NO!  It. Must. Be. CLOSED.

(luckily, he will accept it open if we put up a kiddy gate across the entrance.)

And his little habit has come in handy during those times of the year when i am trying to economize the heating or cooling bill--mainly, shutting doors around the house so that our massive open floor plan living room is a livable temperature--and if not then we can retreat to one of those closed off rooms that has the perfect temperature.  (to whomever designed this house--the mid-century modern floor to ceiling picture windows are great for the view, but crappy on the power bill!)

There are times, though, when his quirk can get in the way.

  • trying to shut other people's car doors or trunks--and screaming when i pull him away
  • when i try to be polite and hold a door open for someone
  • going into businesses that leave the door propped open for whatever reason
  • exiting ANY ride at Disneyland
  • leaving a cabinet door open for cleaning purposes or to remove something from the back
  • walking away from my laptop and coming back to find it closed and asleep

I suppose this could manifest into something far more annoying, but for now it seems harmless.

And you know what they say, when one door opens, Ben will be right there to close it for you.