Friday, April 22, 2011


"I KNOW who MAKES it!" 

(one of his current scripts)

Ben is a scripter.  And in hindsight it makes sense.  I memorized TONS of words as a kid--Green Eggs and Ham, Jabberwocky,  song after song after song.  I have to say this is where Ben strays from exhibiting some of Daddy's little quirks to displaying some of mine.

in fact this little skill of mine--this memorizing--was a skill that convinced me maybe I should study medicine.  Lucky for you folks, I sucked at chemistry and anything involving math, so my…um…interesting bedside manner was not inflicted upon the general public.  Just my poor poor family.

[My idea of medical intervention:  What?  you're sick?  well that's just GREAT. *harumph* There's Advil in the bathroom.  Help yourself. and try not to puke on me.]

Ben will memorize the dialogue from any movie he likes to watch (repeatedly), and book that suits his fancy and a few songs--mostly from school as he cannot seem to tolerate anyone of US singing. (the Old Man and I CAN carry a tune--rather well, thank you.  Ben just isn't a fan)  So throughout my day, I'm always hearing snippets that may or may not make much sense:

"monkey tried to be a vegetable, but it was too corny"

"No!  No!  My son!  I've lost my son!"

"They make a great team."

"does he mope?  does he moan?  does he sulk? does he sigh?"

"Oh, the carnage!"

That last one is interesting.  One of the DVDs he LOVES to watch and requests daily is the DVD the Old Man put together of all his first year videos that we took.  Yes, daily I get to look at the two false alarm hospital trips, the sleepy-frowny face of one who hasn't slept in days, and the absolute GINORMITY of my cans during those breastfeeding days.  yay me.

There is one scene (I tried to upload it but it has been deemed IMPOSSIBLE by every electronic device int his house) where the Old Man has set up a series of stacked blocks so that Ben can crawl through and knock them down--an 8mo favorite activity.  he sets the camera at the floor level so that "benzilla" can destroy the city, all the while narrating "oh, the carnage!  The Humanity!"  (yeah, we're fans of the hindenburg film footage.  what of it?)

This is the one script that he uses appropriately.  When things fall, when cars crash, when dinosaurs attack, the cry of shock and awe can be heard throughout the house.

At least he didn't pick up me yelling at the dog:  "Manny!Quit humping the baby!"

And since I couldn't upload the ONE video I wanted to upload today, here's a random one when his head was huge and he was cuter than all get out: