Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So the wind picked up this morning.  I'm talking the kind of wind that makes the palm trees in front of our house look like they are gonna SNAP!  The kind of wind that redirects the air traffic to Burbank Airport directly over the house, looking like they are gonna slam into the NBC universal building.  The kind of wind that makes my kid a little...nutty.

All i can figure is that the noise, the feeling of the wind, the visual (we have a lot of trees around our place) must be a lot for him to take in.  On these days he gets super stimmy, toe walking, scripting, and the head shaking.  He doesn't shake his head much (he used to do it a lot) but I've noticed when he's on sensory overload--or visually overloaded, he shakes his head back and forth (as if to say no), but he seems happy doing it.  We called it "the beans" when he was little, so sometimes he'll add a squeaky voice saying "beans!"

I kinda understand it.  The wind has always invigorated me.  I love the feeling of being in strong winds, being whipped about.  One of the many Hebrew names for G-d--since we're not supposed to call him by name--is Elohim, which means "winds."  So maybe i am partial to the winds because they engage a certain spirituality within me.  Perhaps, my own version of "beans".

Or maybe i like a good excuse to mix up a batch of hurricanes.

For now, though, imma run around with my kid outside so we can both feel the wind on our faces.