Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I know, i know.  He's 4.5.  It's time.

Like i haven't tried.

We've done the three day miracle, the every 15 minutes, the do a little dance, cloth pull-ups, being naked outside  (during summer of course), long pointless discussions that gain only blank gazes or crying and controlling all liquids to try and time this bitch.

Nothing.  Nada.  Bupkis.

Occasionally he'll freak me out and tell me he's wet (3x) or actually ask to go potty (2x) or, no, that's it.  He has sat on the potty and farted once or twice--which made for a good giggle, but no poopy.


Yes, I know.  he has AUtism.  It may take him longer.  I get that.  Doesn't mean i have to like it.

(at this point i will stop and say how absolutely BLESSED we have been that he shows no interest in his so that we haven't had to deal with any of the horror stories i've read from other moms, Autie and typical alike.  Thank you G-d .  THANK. YOU.)

And yes, i know, he get's tremendous support from his teachers at school, and is about to start ABA therapy, and i have hopes that we'll at least have the basics down by kindergarten.  But having gone through a couple trials of underwear-wearing, "see, that's what WET feels like", forgive me if it seems like it's never going to happen.

(and yes, i realize it WILL happen.)

Now all this comes to mind because we just got a new respite worker (YAY) who is also a mom of two boys with Autism.  (um--wow?  I can barely deal with my own kid)  Anyway, when we all first met, she was shocked--SHOCKED---that Ben was still in pull-ups.  Both of her boys, she proudly announced, were potty-trained by 4.  And then she proceeded to tell me what i have to do (as if i've been living in ignorant bliss--yeah lady.  like i'd never thought of or tried ANY of the things you mentioned)

(that being said, she is a great caregiver, playing with and challenging Ben in wonderful ways.  And i know when we attempt serious potty training again, she will be behind me 100%.)

I don't want to be that mom--the one obsessed with poopy and peepee.  But i am.  And i am excited more than you know that ABA will start soon.  If anything, maybe they will give me the 1 method i HAVEN'T tried.

Unless its' the "mommy will drink less if you make a peepee in the potty method."  I ain't flyin' with that nonsense.  I'll invest in Huggies stock instead...