Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I started blogging about a year ago, and it was the best decision i ever made.  Not only do i get to release the demons in my head to spread their malice and mischief upon the world, but I've also met some really great people.

And since i just spent an hour in an intake meeting for an ABA clinic, I've got the creativity of a rutabaga right now.  so imma just give a shout out to some of the other Autie bloggers  i stalk follow and a reason or 5 why you should too.

Big Daddy at Big Daddy Autism
     the first "funny" autie blog i cam across,  and really my gateway drug to the snarky world of hilarious autism parents i now call friends.  Always good to hear a daddy's perspective, and his son, Griffin sounds like the second most awesome kid around--after Benji, of course.

     A funny lady who actually writes for other people and not just her blog.  I fell in love with her blog when she wrote a piece about the ugly trashy Xmas tree her town put up, and i knew she was one to follow.  That and she talks to me on Twitter.

Heather at The A Word
     An honest approach to autism parenting, and a sweet kid to boot.  There is no beating around the bush with this lady, and i love it!

Amanda at  Life is A Spectrum
   another of my "firsts" on the humor/autie blog trail.  She's got a great outlook on life and sounds like the nicest person you would ever meet.  And she laughs at herself, which is a certain ticket to sanity in my book

     I've just recently found SRMM, and love every word.  example, today's post is entitled Sometimes Autism Sucks Big Hairy Monkey Balls.  I mean, how do you NOT read that?  love love love!

And lastly, my long lost sister Jillsmo at Yeah.  Good Times.  This drunk stalker funny gal and threat to the local duck community seems to have the same internal dialogue as yours truly, except hers has a Grateful Dead soundtrack, and mine is more Dave Matthew's Band.  Still, we both cuss a lot and like booze, and often tell Autism to go to hell. And she lets people vent over on her page when they don't want their usual readers to know what they're really thinking.  We both represent the Westside i guess, and i think she'd have my back if i wanna start a gang war.

Now, there are no doubt others whom i have left off and who will no doubt feel hurt and dejected that i left them off the list.  Did i mention the hour of intake i just got back from?  These losers were lucky to get a mention before my brain exploded.  for everyone else, i point you to the side bar with the "autie blogs that i dig" on the left hand.  Yeah.  scroll down.  a little more.  just a skosh--THERE.  click on some of them too!