Tuesday, April 26, 2011


It vexes me.  I'm deeply vexed.

Ben has this thing.  Usually when he's tired, hungry, anxious or breathing…he will ask for something, you give it and then he cries for it as if you are withholding it.

It's like a john crying through sex with a  hooker.  I don't get it. 

Just a few minutes ago he cried woefully to his father for "DVDEEEEEEEE!" to which my Old Man said--"we're already WATCHING dvds dude.  Look at the TV!"

Frankly, its making me a little batty.

I realize, it's prolly just some independence thing or what-have-you that he can't really explain at the moment, and in a few months we'll all be laughing about it--mostly because I refilled my xanax prescription.  But until then, I'm gonna lose it if I have to hear that whine again.

And on top of it, its making the dog howl.  When Benji starts his scream/tantrum/outburst/song and dance, Manny (our fierce 7lb chihuahua) will join in with his own whines and howls.  Of course, if ANYONE has the right to howl and whine in this house, it's Manny.  What with the being tempted with food, being yelled at by me, being chased/terrorized/strongly loved by the boy and being growled at by the Old Man every time Manny tries to eat whatever food he leaves on a plate on the couch without any claims of ownership (scent marking being frowned upon by she who cleans), and being taunted by a local squirrel that sits on the other side of the picture window and just twitches his tail, it’s a wonder he doesn't howl more often.

Now if you'll excuse me, the little man is in tears over a peanut butter sandwich sitting right in front of him.  And my glass is empty.