Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quees quees?

This is how Ben says please.

he also says "quay" for play.  And don't get me wrong, he can say his "P" just fine, for things like pop, puppy, poop and pumpernickel.  Not that you would understand him if he said pumpernickel, but it definitely has a P sound.

But please has ever been with the "qu" sound.  And usually in twos.  "more milk quees quees?"  And actually, when i prompt him to say please, either with a look or the classic "say what?"  "what do you saaaay?", i get a  "quay more milk quees quees?"  I think it's because i started him on "please" by getting him to ask to play games or toys.

So for now, it's our cute little secret language, one of which he seems quite proud: