Thursday, April 14, 2011


I don't consider myself a comedian.  I was never the class clown.  In all honesty, i consider myself a fairly serious person. I mean, not Puritan, Cotton Mather kind-of serious, but i do find myself in moral contemplation from time to time.  And lots of the time i am angry too.  About the government and Autism and the prevelence of cabbage in my CSA haul.

But it turns out i make people laugh.  alot.  People actually want to hear the crazy shit rolling around in my head.  For some reason my wild ramblings end up being funny, even though i'm just ranting about one thing or another.  I mean, don't get me wrong, i'm not ready for stand-up or something, but I'm not sure i could write a purely serious piece.  Even in my teaching days, i was called upon by my prinicpal to represent the school at various meetings (as we were a "failing" school) to discuss the school's situation--with a little "levity".  That was MY job.

I suppose it's a good thing--levity does lighten the heart.  It can put people at ease and help them to accept their situation.  For an Autism mom, or just being politically liberal, i think it's a vital and daily necessity.  To know that it'll be ok.  Maybe not at this precise moment, but eventually he'll stop screaming at me and the world will go back to caring for one another.  maybe.

Until then...the man who makes me laugh MY ass off...